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Bottle Shape Medium Terrarium DIY Kit

Bottle Shape Medium Terrarium DIY Kit

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Add the Ivyline Bottle Shape DIY Terrarium Kit in Medium to your home and watch as the eco-system you create flourishes. This glass terrarium kit is premium quality and comes with charcoal, gravel, sand, and rocks, giving you everything you need to craft a paradise inside. Just add your favourite plants and position the lid to seal it, keeping the design waterproof and raising the humidity inside the terrarium. Made in Europe from 100% recycled glass, this bottle shape terrarium is ethically sourced and sustainable. You’ll have your own little environment inside and know that it’s good for the earth too! 

H22.5cm W14cm

Product Features

Premium quality

How is this product sustainable?

100% recycled

Made from glass cullet, obtained from communal waste such as bottles and jars, we fully circulate existing materials.

Less gas and energy consumption

Due to the lower melting point, recycled glass production consumes up to 30% less energy and waste heat.

Less air and water pollution

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