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Bowl Shape Medium Terrarium DIY Kit

Bowl Shape Medium Terrarium DIY Kit

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The Ivyline Bowl Shape DIY Terrarium Kit in Medium is the essential that every living space needs. The DIY kit comes with the charcoal, gravel, sand and rocks to make your terrarium, all that’s missing is the plants! Pick your favourites and seal your design with the cork lid, to ensure your terrarium thrives in a fully waterproof, humid environment. With sustainability considered at every part of its creation, this glass terrarium kit is ethically sourced, made in Europe and made from 100% recycled glass. Enjoy it feeling fully confident that it’s kind to the nature within it and outside of it! 

H20cm D19cm

How is this product sustainable?

100% recycled

Made from glass cullet, obtained from communal waste such as bottles and jars, we fully circulate existing materials.

Less gas and energy consumption

Due to the lower melting point, recycled glass production consumes up to 30% less energy and waste heat.

Less air and water pollution

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