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Natural Laundry Liquid- Bergamot & Grosso Lavender 1000ml

Natural Laundry Liquid- Bergamot & Grosso Lavender 1000ml

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Our chemical free, plant powered natural laundry liquid is formulated to not only smell divine – thanks to its perfect blend of four pure organic essential oils - but to also deliver on performance.

Formulated with purified water, our natural laundry liquid contains soapwart extract from the carnation family which forms a creamy lather and is a gentle cleanser. Our Ecocert certified water soluble surfactant, derived from plant sugars, creates a gentle and mild cleanser free from impurities. Our mild non-ionic stain removal additive boosts stain removal on tough marks while the chicory root derivative prevents precipitation of hard water salts. 



Contains four mood enhancing essential oils - Bergamot 40%, Geranium 20%, Ylang Ylang 20% and Lavender 20% - SLS, SLES & PARABEN FREE

Bergamot - shown to help boost your mood.

Grosso Lavender - helps to aid relaxation and a restful nights sleep.

Geranium - helps reduce feelings of fatigue while enhancing concentration and cognitive function, as well as balancing emotions and hormones.

Ylang Ylang - has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to its natural component linalool.


Why is this product better for the environment?

Read The Label London is a new luxury plant powered, chemical free home and laundry care brand formulated with the perfect blend of 100% pure essential oils. All products are SLS, SLES and Paraben FREE and made without artificial brighteners and dyes.  All products are made in the UK using artisan growers and suppliers and come in fully recyclable stylish PET bottles made from 100% recycled material. They are also vegan compliant and never tested on animals – you can be sure you are being mindful of your environmental footprint without compromising on the aesthetic.

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