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The Sustainable Watch Co.

The Ebony: Vegan Apple Watch Strap

The Ebony: Vegan Apple Watch Strap

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Sustainable Material: This blackout-style vegan Apple Watch band is handmade from recycled wood. The natural ebony wood gives the band it's distinguished black colour, matching your wearable tech. The woods are upcycled from furniture scraps, reducing waste.

Intricate Detailing: The black links of The Ebony's strap are intricately textured for an added element of style. At each end of the strap are black connectors featuring rubber tabs for extra grip when connecting your Apple Watch. Opposite these connectors sits a gloss black clasp, showcasing The Sustainable Watch Company logo and adding further esteem to your watch strap.

Durable Design: The black Ebony wood textured links are intertwined with stainless steel links for added durability. The simplicity of the colour palette and durability of the strap makes The Ebony the perfect sustainable accessory for your wearable tech in both professional and social settings.

Environmentally Friendly: All our products are designed to be kinder to the environment. We ship for free, carbon-neutrally, globally and in eco-friendly packaging. For your order we plant 10 trees and remove 250kg of carbon from the atmosphere; 1% of the value of your purchase is donated to a charity of your choice post-checkout. Our workforce is carbon negative, our products are vegan and our sustainability claims are verified by third parties.

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