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The Sustainable Watch Co.

The Redwood: Wood Watch for Men

The Redwood: Wood Watch for Men

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Sophisticated styling: The reds, blacks, deep browns and the hint of gold help create an exquisite, well-balanced colour palette for this wrist-wearable wooden accessory. The natural patterns of the wood grain are coupled seamlessley with the intricate textured details of the strap. This strap leads into a sophisticated, powerful golden watch body that houses a delicately designed face.

Multiple Dials: A practical yet ornate feature of this wooden wristwatch is The Redwood’s multiple dials featured on the watch's face. Each dial has a dedicated functionality, including a stopwatch feature.

Handcrafted: This wooden wristwatch is handmade, paying close attention to design, detail, and quality. The Redwood elegantly flaunts its uniqueness from every angle, giving you a distinct sense of individuality. A hallmark of quality, being handmade is also a low-energy alternative, helping protect the environment.

Environmentally Conscious: The Sustainable Watch Company is proud to support reforestation, planting 10 trees with every order. We are a climate-positive business and offset 250kg of carbon per purchase, run a carbon-negative workforce and champion philanthropy, donating 1% of sales to charity.

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